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South America : a unique adventure with Tierra Latina !


Tierra Latina, the South American specialist, gives travelers the chance to discover this diverse and enchanting continent through a new lens, focused on its inhabitants and cultures.

Slip away into another world, experience new cultures and peoples and share rare moments of their lives, head into the world with nothing but a backpack to discover lost cities of the Andes…

Founded by two South American enthusiasts, Tierra Latina’s travelers live unique experiences in contact with local populations, immersed in rich ancestral culture. Chloé and Arthur have explored the forgotten paths of the Amazon, traveled the sumptuous plains of Patagonia and shared the life of Gaucho, Kogi, Tayrona and Guarani communities, giving them like-the-back-of-your-hand knowledge of the terrain to offer custom-made travel plans.

Trekking, horseback riding, introduction to tango with Buenos Aires’ best dancers, whale watching, cooking classes with a local chef… Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador, these immense countries with magical landscapes, offer an extraordinary range of possibilities to the curious traveler in search of a unique escape.

Tierra Latina is managed by Arthur in France and Chloé in Buenos Aires, their South American headquarters. Chloé works directly with local partners to guarantee the highest quality and down-to-the-details personalization for your unique travel plans.