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Ecuador, the smallest country in the Andes mountain range, offers an array of exceptional experiences in South America. From thriving indigenous communities, incredibly well-preserved colonial architecture, stunning, snowcapped volcanos, to the rich Amazon rainforest, Ecuador’s unique landscapes pack a lot of wow into a small country!

Quito, a Spanish colonial city, is the country’s capital. Located in the north, the city is a day’s drive from the Pacific Ocean in the west and from the Amazon in the east. The Ecuadorian rainforest is home to some of the most well-equipped and specialized cruises for discovering this stunning region and its wildlife in the company of nature experts and local guides.

It’s difficult to think of Ecuador without bringing to mind one of its most emblematic regions – the Galapagos Islands! The famous islands, located over 600 miles off the coast, boast an incredible biodiversity. They are truly a nature-lover’s dream: observe iguanas, turtles and penguins (just to mention a few!) in their natural habitat… snorkel alongside sea lions and color fish amongst the coral reefs… or simply meander on the island’s pristine beaches and relax in this unique paradise.