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Tierra Latina : Who are we ?


Founded by two South American enthusiasts, Tierra Latina’s travelers live unique experiences in contact with local populations, immersed in rich ancestral culture. Chloé and Arthur have explored the forgotten paths of the Amazon, traveled the sumptuous plains of Patagonia and shared the life of Gaucho, Kogi, Tayrona and Guarani communities, giving them like-the-back-of-your-hand knowledge of the terrain to offer custom-made travel plans.

Chloe and Arthur, travelers at heart, have traveled along the forgotten trails of the Amazon, the plains of Patagonia or even shared the daily Gauchos, Kogis, Tayronas, Quechuas and Guaranis. With their experiences they offer you today the opportunity to create your trip a la carte and tailor-made in Latin America: Trekking, hiking or horseback, discovery and initiation to Tango with the best dancers of Buenos Aires, stay in the farm on the Andean plateaus, exploration of the remains of a lost city in the Andes cordillera, whale watching in their natural environment …

At the antipodes of mass tourism, we privilege an immersion in the local culture by designing personalized trips which include nights at the inhabitant to stay closer to the reality, in a human dimension and authentic.

Tierra Latina is managed by Arthur in France and Chloé in Buenos Aires, their South American headquarters. Chloé works directly with local partners to guarantee the highest quality and down-to-the-details personalization for your unique travel plans.



Services tested and approved

For you, we personally tested all the excursions, hotels and experiences that we offer you. Yes, because we lived in the countries concerned. That’s why today we are able to make you discover them as we did for our families and friends. With us, you get off the beaten path and you will be much more than just “tourists”. You are part of the local landscape.

As for us, our local knowledge allows us to avoid unpleasant surprises and guarantee you a personalized and quality trip. We have found and selected the best of each country we offer … so let us guide you!

The quality of the contact with the local population

We favor meetings with the local population rather than the city tour in a double-decker bus, your trip takes a more ethical and authentic dimension, far from mass tourism “consumable”.

What charmed us on this continent, besides the majestic landscapes, are its inhabitants. From the small farmers of northern Argentina to the llama breeders of Lake Titicaca, to the fruit sellers of the streets of Cartagena, the Latinos are charming and charming people. It is on contact with these humans that we choose to focus on the trips we offer.

Because we have lived, worked, studied and traveled in Latin America, we have forged strong links with our local teams. They are proud men and women from their countries, who share with you the richness of their culture, as if you were a friend or relative visiting them.
Latin America is a land of love, joy, courage and passion, our goal is to make you feel it. We chose these partners for different reasons; firstly for their professionalism, their ability to adapt your request. In addition, they are people of trust, specialists in an art, culture or region, passionate and passionate. Finally, a last criteria which is not the least: they release an energy and a joy of living such that you will have a hard time separating you when the time of the departure will come.



Your tailor-made stay and à la carte.

This trip to Latin America is yours, so you decide how it unfolds. We are here to help you achieve this dream. All stays that we offer are tailor-made and à la carte. You are the master of your adventure from the beginning to the end: You choose your dates, your steps, your pace, the excursions you want to make, the type of accommodation in which you stay. Our role is to listen to your project and put our knowledge and contacts at your disposal to make it a reality. On this site, we offer examples of stays that we have tested, inspire you and we will create yours together.


Because, for us as for you, tourism goes especially with with sharing, we offer you the opportunity to stay from time to time or during your entire stay at the inhabitant. This is the best way to immerse yourself in the local culture and understand it. You share the daily life of our hosts for a few hours or a few days according to your wish and you introduce yourself to the local customs, in complete security and serenity.



EVA, guide and professional tango dancer in Buenos Aires.

What I love the most about Argentineans is their sense of improvisation and their ability to reinvent themselves every day, their “buena onda”, their festive and social spirit … And I do not even talk about the culture gaucha / folklórica and tanguera …

(En savoir d’avantage sur Eva, lire la suite)

SARAH, local guide in San Antonio de Areco.

I dreamed for a long time to go to Latin America, already knowing Africa … I arrived in Argentina in 2014 with a tourist visa time to see if this country would please me, and I was very quickly seduced by the energy and human warmth (buena onda!) of the Porteños.

(Learn more about Sarah)

LAURA & ADRIAN, hosts of an ecolodge in Iguazu.

We have the opportunity to share with all travelers who come from all over the world. We share our experiences, we exchange about our different cultures and habits. We propose a local cuisine of the region so that they have an idea of our daily life …

(Learn more about Laura & Adrian)

PATRICE, driver-guide in Buenos Aires.

My father fell in love in Argentina: he decided to get married and to found his family in this country, I grew up in the neighborhood of Palermo, in Buenos Aires.After French High School, I studied veterinary and marketing.Within Tierra Latina, I participate in the smooth running of stays, I help travelers in Buenos Aires, I escort them during transfer and visits.

(Learn more about Patrice)

ALEXANDRA, travel consultant

Since I was little, I think that every opportunity is good for traveling. After a bachelor’s degree in tourism management in Savoie and a semester in Sweden I decided to go on an adventure and have a new experience in Argentina. When I returned to France, I let myself be tempted by the Tierra Latina adventure. Argentina has become for me a dream destination because of its vastness and the kindness of the Argentineans.

(Learn more about Alexandra)

SUZIE, head of American market development

After studying languages and history, I came to France to work and improve my language level. I recently started studying for a Master of Tourism, and I am delighted to join the Tierra Latina team.
I discovered Latin dancing as a teenager – starting with Argentine tango, followed by salsa and then bachata – and dancing is one of my favorite activities, it’s always a good thing!

(Learn more about Suzie)

LAURY, Community Manager

I have always had the desire to travel around the world, with for a long time the wish to become a flight attendant. I have not yet been able to explore this part of the world but I intend to catch up! My ultimate dream? Open an event agency in Costa Rica.
My Breton origins have given me the taste of the party, the dance, the music and the festivals … And when I have more energy, I am a real homebody posted in front of my television series. A good jogging from time to time is also appreciated!

(Learn more about Laury)

FLORENT, Web marketer – SEO analyst

For me, traveling in Argentina means immersing oneself in Latin culture and at the same time discovering a surprising country with a myriad of faces: from the grandiose landscapes of Patagonia, to Salinas Grande, the salt desert, to the majestic waterfalls. ‘Iguazu!
I have not yet had the opportunity to discover the countries of Latin America but being passionate about travel, the countries of South America and especially Costa Rica and Peru are at the top of my bucketlist!

(Learn more about Florent)

RAUL, local guide in the Argentine Andes

I am the son of indigenous migrants who occupied an area of the Andes, south of Potosí in Bolivia on the border with Argentina.
In 1937, my father (still alive today), aged 16, worked as a “zafrero”: he manually cut the sugar cane in the Ledesma sugar refinery. From this first incursion into the subtropical zone of the Jujuyan valleys, he never could return to his native land. Today, it is a ghost village following the exodus of all its inhabitants.
After obtaining his permanent establishment in Argentina, in 1951 my father established permanent residence in the capital.
I studied and worked in this city.
I am a journalist by training and for 20 years I worked in the newspaper “Pregón” of San Salvador de Jujuy. It is in this city that I met my wife, Isabel.

(Learn more about Raul)


JUAN, local Mapuche guide

I grew up between Santiago (the capital) and the central coastal zone of the country. (at the mouth of Río Maule). During the school year, I studied in the city between houses and buildings. I was playing on the square and I was cycling. During summers, I spent my time in the countryside, between trees and estuaries. I was riding and playing in the mountains and dunes.

(Learn more about Juan)


CARLOS, local guide in Peru

I grew up in Arequipa, it’s a very pretty city in the south of the country. It is located at 2300 meters above sea level. We always have a good climate with very friendly and kind inhabitants as well as an exquisite gastronomy.

(Learn more about Carlos)


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